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There are lots of different ways for you to participate and influence decisions about your services. Participation is really important because:

  • It allows you to work together to implement change
  • It acts as a mutual support network
  • It gives value to your experience, view and ideas
  • It strengthens our knowledge about you
  • It impacts on our strategy and service provision.

You can participate in these areas:

You and your support staff review your support package and direct its future development.
Staff recruitment
This gives you the opportunity to interview potential new staff. You'll devise your own interview questions and decide the format which best suit your needs. We'll also give you recruitment training.

Present your experience of our services to all new members of staff. 

Quality group
Through the quality group you could take part in influencing improvements to service delivery.

Staff appraisals
Tell us how our staff are doing by providing input into staff appraisals.

Service development and strategy days
Attend and contribute to the strategic development of your service. You can also have your say on the organisation's development at our annual strategy days.

The Care Inspectorate
Take part in The Care Inspectorate's inspection of individual services.

Creative arts events
Get involved in creative arts production. Our most recent production was the creation of a film called The Wayward Wind.  The Wayward Wind is a 30 minute film that transports cast members back fifty years to the assassination of John F Kennedy with surprising consequences. There was also a Behind-the-Scenes documentary called "In Our Sixties".

Fundraise for local activities and organisational events like conferences and creative arts. The main aim is raising as much money as possible - but fun is an essential ingredient!

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"I'd encourage you to go along to your local meeting. Take part, be heard, listen, and enjoy!"
Caroline Barr
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