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How we measure service delivery

We always want to improve the experience for the people we support. We want to provide the very best support possible. We use the following tools to measure our approach and success:
Quality Group

We have a quality group whose members are people we support and are volunteers.  The group plays a key role in our quality assurance process. 

The group carries out work in the following areas:

  • Compile the annual survey of people we support
  • Undertake peer visits to services to talk to other people we support
  • Gather and feedback information to improve service delivery
  • Implement action plans to ensure support is continually improved
  • Mystery shopping to monitor the professionalism of our staff
  • Provide feedback and reports to the Board

To further enhance the work of the quality group the organisation has recruited a person we support as a part time Quality Assurance Advisor. The role of the advisor is to ensure that improvements are constantly being made to service delivery and that the voice of the people we support is heard through working with the quality group and the performance management team .

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"The people we support are at the heart of all areas of our service delivery. It's great seeing people flourish while developing skills they thought they never had. They are an integral part of our quality assurance audit process."
Brian Howley, Head of Performance Management
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