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We're proud of the services we deliver. We have an excellent accreditation record and invest heavily in learning and development.

National Autistic Society's autism accreditation

We hold the nationally recognised Autism Accreditation with a number of areas of strength identified by the review team. Read the Autism Accreditation report here.

Care Inspectorate

Our services are consistently graded in the excellent and very good categories. Service inspection reports can be found at the Care Inspectorate website  Percentage of grades awarded 2009/2010: grade 6 = 33.3%, grade 5 = 65.5%, grade 4 = 1.2 % Percentage of grades awarded 2010/11: grade 6 = 92%, grade 5 = 8% Percentage of grades awarded 2008: grade 6 = 19.1%, grade 5 = 76.7%, grade 4 = 4.3 %

A qualified workforce

We deliver a Scottish Vocational Programme for our staff. Operational staff hold a recognised qualification in-line with the regulator's (SSSC) requirements. 

Our managers have leadership & management awards, Team Leaders SVQ level 4, Senior Support Workers level 3 and the professional development award in supervision and Support Workers level 2.

Participation and involvement

The people we support make a key contribution to the success of our business. People we support are actively involved in:

  • PfPSC&S strategy days
  • Service development days
  • Touch Base Our Space
  • Quality Group
  • Policy and procedure reviews 
  • Service based meetings
  • Service based newsletters
  • Staff recruitment, induction and appraisal
  • PfPSC&S board presentations.

Care Ambassadors

We have registered to deliver Care Ambassador services with SSSC/Skills for Care.

Care Ambassadors have direct experience in the Sector and will share their enthusiasm and experiences with others who are considering a career in social care, showing how rewarding, challenging and varied the sector is. This helps us develop our workforce, make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work and develop new skills, gaining access to a wider network to share and learn.

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"Our services are consistently graded in the excellent and very good categories by The Care Inspectorate - the independent regulator."
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